What Kinds of Materials Can Illinois Bats Chew Through? Are My Wires in Danger??

You are probably thinking that the damages that you can incur from Rockford bat infestation are almost the same as the damages caused by the rats. When we think of rats and other rodents, their strong teeth and their incessant chewing activity always concerns us. You are probably thinking if the bats possess the same destructive power. In this article, we will find out if they have the capacity to chew through the construction materials inside our house.

Bats Do Not Have the Power to Chew Construction Materials

It has been well-documented that Illinois bats do not have the capacity to gnaw on a range of materials. Bats are considered as secondary-cavity dweller which means that their roosting site or cavity should already exist in order for the bat to use them. It is crucial for the habitat to exist for the bat conservation. The gnawing and boring will be done by other creatures such as squirrels, flickers, and woodpeckers. Once the creature abandoned it, the bats and other animals that do not have the ability to create their own cavity will use it.

Why Do I Noticed Exposed Wires on my Rockford Attic?

The exposed wires in your attic may not be caused by the chewing of the bats. There may possibly be another Illinois infestation happening in your attic apart from the bats such as rats, mouse, or squirrels. There is also a probability that the insulation of your electrical wires have been corroded. Understand that the urine and droppings of the bat is acidic and can corrode our electrical wirings. 

What about the Entry Points?

The Illinois bats will only use gaps and cracks that already exist. They do not have to create their own entry points. The small size of the bats allowed them to fit themselves in a gap that is only 1.2 inch. As years go by, the entry points can go abraded. The foam can also appear gnawed through the years. The foams that are directly exposed to sunlight will contract and may create a gap. 

They Are Not Designed to Chew

Once you look at the design of the Rockford bat's teeth, you will morphologically and biologically understand that they will not be capable to chew the construction materials. The teeth are intended to capture insects. Their canine insect can be used to capture their prey and their rear teeth can be used to grind the insects. The structure of the wildlife creatures will say something about their history. If you heard someone telling you about a horse gnawing the frame of the log cabin, it will be difficult to believe it. They need to have a certain motivation to do this. 

Wildlife creatures spend their calories according to their principles and biological needs. They will need to use their energy in a smart way and gnawing on the construction materials will just be unproductive. Unlike the rodents, the bat's teeth are not continuously growing and they do not need to gnaw incessantly on tough materials to control its growth.

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