The Most Common Diseases That a Rockford Squirrel May Carry

The Rockford squirrel may appear harmless when they are playing in the park and running through the branches of the trees. However, the squirrels are potential carrier of various diseases. Some of these diseases can be transferred to humans. This is why it is essential to know the early signs of the squirrel infestation in order to stay away from the zoonotic diseases.

Different Diseases that Squirrel May Carry

North America is the home of different types of squirrels. A great deal of them can be found in the Illinois urban setting. Since they will not necessarily attack, the humans have learned to coexist with them. Unfortunately, spart from the possible damages that they can inflict to our house, they also come with health concern that will affect pets and homeowners.


This Rockford disease is transmitted by the bacterium known as Leptospira. This is normally found on Illinois wildlife creatures such as the squirrel. When this disease has been transferred to human, they will experience rash, weakness, fever, headaches, and a range of symptoms. These symptoms will often be found in other medical conditions. In the event that this is not treated immediately, the condition can become severe that it will lead to liver failure and kidney damages. This can be fatal.

Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a medical condition that is often associated with ticks. Since the squirrels will possibly carry ticks, they can also contract this disease that can be transmitted to humans. In case you ignore this condition, this will possibly lead to the inflammatory disorder. This can directly affect our joints, heart, and the nervous system.


As we mentioned in our past articles, a squirrel that carry the rabies virus is somehow uncommon. However, in case you've been attacked by a rabid squirrel, you can acquire the virus from their bites and scratches. Squirrels that are in the late stage of the virus will behave strangely. They may appear hyper and aggressive. All their inhibitions towards other species will disappear. Some of them may also look lethargic. They will have a trouble in keeping their balance while they walk. This virus will directly attack our central nervous system. The virus will travel to the brain where it will aggressively multiply before attacking the different organs of our body. Normally, when the symptoms of the disease manifest, the disease is already fatal.


Tularemia can be acquired through the bacteria known as Francisella Tularensis. Just like the rabies, this can be transferred to Illinois human through the squirrel's scratches and bites. Having a direct contact with an infected squirrel can also increase the possibility of disease transmission. Accidentally ingesting a water or food contaminated with their droppings or urine will also spread the disease. The bacteria will multiply on our blood that will cause fever. If left untreated, this disease can be deadly.

If you want to avoid the possibility of contracting a disease from the Rockford squirrel, it is best to avoid having contact with them. Call the help of the pest removal expert during the first sign of their activity.

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